Book - Insects of Malaysia
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  • Written by Japan’s top insect photographer.
  • Exclusive photos taken by Kazuo Unno and Hiroyuki Hashimoto.
  • Easy-to-use, portable and suitable for universal-use manner.
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Author: Kazuo Unno (Japan’s top insect photographer)
Publisher: Entopia 
ISBN Code: 978-967-12877-3-6
Category: Zoology & Animal Sciences
Language: English
Pages:175 pages
Format: Paperback

“In this book, I’ve tried to include more ‘conspicuous’ insects such as some famous insects, cool-looking insects, beautiful insects, large insects, and of course, the strange-looking insects. In addition, I’ve also included as many insect groups as possible, because while it essentially a technical book on butterflies and beetles, it is also the first guide book of its kind in Malaysia that can also be used by non-professionals. As such, the book has been designed in an easy-to-use, portable and for universal-use manner.” - Kazuo Unno

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1 x Insects of Malaysia book